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Thank you for creating an account with the Lending Library of the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub!  Here are a few things you should know about becoming a member of this website.

The purpose of this website is to provide educators with useful resources related to STEAM education.  These resources are free for you to borrow as long as you adhere to the following guidelines:

1 - Treat all equipment with care, making sure to return it in as good or better condition than you found it.  This could include cleaning anything that has become dirty, counting all the pieces to make sure nothing is lost, putting everything back in boxes and bins in the way you found them, and notifying us if anything has become lost or broken.

*Please note that if the equipment becomes damaged, lost, or ruined, that you may be held accountable and need to pay for repair or replacement costs.  This will only be applicable in cases of extreme negligence such as flying the drones over a lake.

2 - Reserve items with as much advance notice as possible.  We recommend at least two weeks, but we understand that this may not always be possible.  We cannot guarantee you will get your items on time if you reserve something with less than a week's notice.  If you need something immediately, feel free to email or call and we will do all that we can to get you your items in a timely fashion.

3 - Please keep reservations to no more than two weeks in duration.  If you need something for longer, contact us and we will see what we can arrange.

4 - Try to pick up and drop off your borrowed items from the Lending Library where possible.  We are willing to deliver and pick up reservations where necessary, but we encourage you to do it if at all possible.  This will give us more time to spend on developing lesson plans, providing PD, and maintaining the equipment.

And for your information, we do not in any way share, sell, or give out any of your information to outside parties.  Your information is only used by the Umpqua Valley STEAM Hub to create a better experience for you and to contact you to arrange drop off and pick up of reserved items from the lending library.